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Maybe this thing was a masterpiece, ‘till you tore it all up.

Ryan: When you do kiss- I’ve never kissed another woman professionally, right? When you kiss professionally, do you tingle?
Josh: Um, you know, I’d say there’s a natural stirring in your body. If you’re in the moment, and you’re in the scene, then naturally whatever naturally happens is supposed to happen.

You ever notice that when the fandom starts getting down and desolate, it’s always Josh to come along and revive the Everlark dream. 


Josh Hutcherson, keeping the Everlark dream alive since 2011.




“and to the fans, who come to the show, who buy the albums…i just want you to know this one thing: you are the longest and best relationship i’ve ever had”


I just found this ♥


I just found this ♥